Our Work

At Ecostack Innovations, we work on a number of initiatives and projects that carry out biodiversity and ecosystem services monitoring, and establish and evaluate nature-based solutions for climate resilience and human well-being.

Agroecology and rural development

We have extensive and specialist knowledge in agroecology, integrated pest management and rural development, and we undertake field studies to collect agro-environmental data that is essential for developing recommendations for farmland management.

Biodiversity & ecosystem services

We contribute to several initiatives at European and national scale relating to biodiversity and ecosystem services monitoring.

Environmental monitoring

We are engaged to assess and monitor the impacts on ecosystems and the environment, including mapping and assessment, water management implementation, and the monitoring of impacts on ecological communities.

Stakeholder engagement

We work with an superb network of connections in the private sector, civil society and governments to assist clients in engaging with biodiversity and sustainability stakeholders.

Circular Economy

We support businesses to assess their environmental impacts and to promote new technologies that lead to net social, economical and environmental benefits

Green Cities

We work with municipalities and businesses to establish effective nature-based solutions that provide benefits to communities and the environment.

Positioning European cities as world ambassadors of urban sustainability through nature-based solutions.

Quantifying and assessing ecosystem services to inform water management actions within the Maltese Islands.

DigiCirc Circular Cities

Developing innovative solutions to address the circular cities challenge