Nature-Based Solutions

Embark on a journey of sustainable transformation with Ecostack Innovations. We offer specialised services focusing on Green Infrastructure and Nature-Based Solutions co-design and co-creation, and supporting implementation and monitoring, while tapping into nature's intelligence to resolve complex environmental issues. We collaborate with businesses, organisations, and communities to integrate Nature-Based Solutions into their strategies. From green infrastructure design to afforestation, reforestation and ecological restoration initiatives, our experts bring together ecological knowledge and cutting-edge practices to create resilient and harmonious environments. 

With a commitment to innovation, sustainability and community participation, we guide you through the process of co-designing, co-creating, implementing, monitoring and evaluating NBS. 

Nature-Based Solutions Co-Design and Co-Creation

Step into the realm of Nature-Based Solutions, where co-design and co-creation come together to shape a greener future while allowing communities to actively participate in crafting innovative and sustainable solutions that are inspired by nature while addressing key social, economical  and environmental challenges. 

Through dynamic co-creation processes, we work closely with clients and local stakeholders to envision and bring to life Nature-Based Solutions that harmonise with the environment. From urban green spaces to watershed management, our expertise transforms ideas into impactful strategies that thrive through collective effort.

Nature-Based Solutions Uptake and Implementation

Discover our specialised services aimed at breaking down barriers and boosting the adoption of Nature-Based Solutions (NBS). While the potential of NBS is vast, challenges persist in embedding biodiversity and NBS practices across sectors. 

Our expert team addresses these obstacles head-on, guiding you through the complexities of integrated policies, fragmented evidence, and cultural impacts. We bridge knowledge gaps concerning cost-effective implementation and benefits of different NBS configurations. To conquer these hurdles, we focus on evidence-based decision-making but also communication, building capacity, and employing transdisciplinary approaches.

Nature-Based Solutions Monitoring and Evaluation

At Ecostack Innovations, we have been developing a specialised monitoring and evaluation protocol tracking the social, environmental, and economic impacts of your NBS initiatives. We understand the importance of quantifying the positive changes brought about by NBS. Our skilled team employs advanced methodologies to monitor how these solutions enhance community well-being, preserve ecosystems, and contribute to sustainable economies. 

With a focus on transparency and accountability, our service provides you with valuable insights that validate the effectiveness of your NBS and green infrastructure investments.