About us

Our Vision

At Ecostack Innovations we value the multiple contributions of nature to people and believe that these should be managed for human well-being and a greener future.

Our work focuses on the sustainable use and protection of biodiversity in rural areas, cities and cultural landscapes.

We believe that actions that promote the sustainable use of biodiversity will provide multiple benefits to local communities and society whilst also contributing to the goal of halting biodiversity loss. We provide policy support, and work with practitioners to promote evidence-based implementation of greening measures and nature-based solutions.

Ecostack Innovations brings together experts working in agriculture, earth sciences, humanities and sustainability as we work to provide guidance about the implementation of nature-based interventions and innovative solutions for a greener future for modern societies.

Past work has assessed the use of green infrastructure in the form of ecological compensation areas to provide ecosystem services in Mediterranean agroecosystems.


Ecostack Innovations Limited is a multidisciplinary enterprise that brings together expertise in the following areas:

  • Ecological surveys

  • Ecosystem service assessments

  • Environmental monitoring

  • Funding assistance for organisations

  • Green infrastructure development

  • Planning for Nature-based Solutions (NbS)

  • Quantitative analysis

  • Stakeholder participation

  • Science-policy interface

  • Rural development and agri-environment

  • Policy support

  • Project management

  • Research and Development

  • Sustainable Development

  • Water and natural resource management

  • Urban ecosystems and Nature-based Solutions