At Ecostack Innovations we value the multiple contributions of nature to people and believe that these should be managed for human well-being and a greener future.

Our Vision

Our work focuses on mainstreaming sustainable development and the use and protection of biodiversity in rural areas, cities and cultural landscapes.

We believe that actions that promote the sustainable use of biodiversity will provide multiple benefits to local communities and society whilst also contributing to the goal of halting biodiversity loss. We provide policy support and work with practitioners to promote evidence-based implementation of greening measures and nature-based solutions. 

Ecostack Innovations brings together experts working in agriculture, earth sciences, environmental management, humanities and sustainability as we work to provide guidance about the implementation of nature-based interventions and innovative solutions for a greener future for modern societies. 

Ecostack Innovations wants to work with communities, businesses and practitioners to address the current global crises by co-creating new pathways towards sustainability. 

Our Mission

We work on developing new nature-positive and sustainability trajectories that offer an authentic path to society, businesses and organisations to tackle and recover from the current COVID19 global pandemic, and biodiversity and climate crises.  By addressing these crises through the development of nature-positive and sustainability pathways, society stands to yield significant benefits and the initial cost of integrating measures into policies and business strategies can be offset. Reduced risks, positive brand association and increased awareness and consumer demand for environmentally friendly products and services, are all opportunities for economic and social development. 

We see the current crises as opportunities to shift away from energy-intensive, impact-laden development and operating practices towards a nature-positive future.  

Nature positive is a disruptive idea. In a nature positive future, good governance, long-term stable societies and healthy economies reign. 'Nature-positive' is a philosophy that values our common future, and a business model based on regeneration, resilience and recirculation, which enhances the resilience of communities and our planet.

We help organisations to mainstream nature and sustainable practices, whilst raising awareness and exploiting new markets.

Past work has assessed the use of green infrastructure in the form of ecological compensation areas to provide ecosystem services in Mediterranean agroecosystems.


Ecostack Innovations is a multidisciplinary enterprise that brings together expertise in the following areas: