GoGreenNext -  Promoting Future Health in Cities

GoGreenNext is a project funded by Horizon Europe and brings together 19 partners from Europe and North America, aiming to advance research and innovation to support the development of evidence-based policy from local to international scales to accelerate efforts to address the challenges of climate change, biodiversity loss, environmental degradation and human health in the urban context. 

The project will approach these issues by exploring the social, ecological and technological factors that influence policy impact across the biodiversity, climate and planetary health nexus. This will then feed into the establishment of new regulatory mechanisms and policy frameworks, capitalising on the cross-sectoral and transdisciplinary collaborations developed within the GoGreenNext project.

Ecostack Innovations will coordinate the Policy Impact Hub, which seeks to direct conventional sectoral policy approaches towards a more multi-dimensional strategy that aligns with climatic, environmental and planetary health policies. This will be achieved by co-creating capacity-building activities and workshops for policy-makers, civil society and key stakeholders in the private sector to enable knowledge co-creation and exchange in a learning ecosystem. 

The key outputs from the learning ecosystem will feed into a compendium of guidance comprising fundamental lessons which will be shared across the stakeholder network. Examples of best practices from cities and regions will be shared across the interdisciplinary network to further enhance the knowledge-sharing capacity of the project.

Pilot demonstrations will be conducted across four European conurbations with diverse spatial, climatic, and cultural characteristics, including Malta, the Päijät-Häme region in Finland, Klagenfurt in Austria, and the city of Cork, Ireland.