Charting the Path: Evidence-Based Strategies for Nature-Based Solutions in Small-Medium Islands

Ecostack Innovations hosts SMILES COST Action meeting to bolster island resilience through nature 

On March 20th, 21st and 22nd, 2024, Ecostack Innovations hosted a pivotal gathering of the SMILES project, aimed at fortifying the resilience of small and medium-sized European islands. Supported by the European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST), this initiative focuses on safeguarding the sustainability of ecosystem services crucial for human well-being.

The workshop brought together experts from Malta and other islands, along with SMILES project partners, for a lively and collaborative discussion across various disciplines. Both public and private sectors were enthusiastically represented.

Launching the Malta Living Lab on Resilience through Nature

One highlight of the event was the launch of the Malta Living Lab, a platform dedicated to enhancing resilience through nature. Stakeholders representing sectors such as planning, biodiversity, environment, water management, health, urban greening, tourism, and transport converged to explore innovative solutions.

The Living Lab commenced with a workshop designed to promote collaborative action and innovation in addressing complex challenges posed by ecosystem services, climate change, and the unique vulnerabilities of small and medium-sized islands. Through interdisciplinary collaboration and active stakeholder engagement, the workshop aimed to devise strategies that bolster ecosystem resilience and foster sustainable development in island contexts.

Additionally, the Living Lab featured a comprehensive training program led by researchers from Malta, Cyprus, Singapore, Ireland, and Estonia. Combining theoretical knowledge with practical insights, the program equipped participants with a deep understanding of the environmental and socio-economic dimensions of Nature-based Solutions (NbS) interventions. By empowering attendees to apply their knowledge effectively, both in academia and real-world settings, the training program aimed to drive tangible progress in island sustainability.

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