Showcasing our work on nature-based placemaking 

Our work in the 'ReCreate - natuRE-based Co-CREATion in SenglEa' project has been captured in this video about the Senglea Community Gardens, which was shot last December. The event involved decorating the square with hand-made ornaments, creating colourful mosaics around the raised flowerbeds and planting native Maltese plants, as well as tending to the existing kitchen garden and its food crops.  

The video was produced by Lorraine and Leanne Lewis as part of the Factuals for Future (FaFU) initiative.

The ReCreate project is part of the New European Bauhaus initiative, which aims to interweave various creative, sociological and ecological disciplines into our towns and cities to make them enriching, sustainable and inclusive places to live.

ReCreate was coordinated by Ecostack Innovations, and we have with the Senglea Local Council, and the project partners and collaborators worked with the community, inviting residents to reclaim,  and revitalise public spaces and improve their aesthetic through art and the use of flora native to the Maltese Islands.