ReCreate: a New European Bauhaus Citizen Engagement project

Ecostack Innovations is pleased to announce that our new citizen engagement and placemaking project ReCreate (NatuRE-based Co-CREATion in SenglEa - Beauty in Diversity) has been selected to receive support under the EIT Community New European Bauhaus Initiative.

ReCreate is one of the 18 Citizen Engagement projects, from across 14 countries, which projects will develop innovative and collaborative models of initiatives that increase citizen engagement and involve communities in the design of sustainable public spaces that address local challenges.

ReCreate will build upon the vision of a group of residents from the locality of Senglea, who are actively reimagining their hometown as a greener, more liveable space, using arts and gardening as their inspiration. The project aims to reconnect communities with nature through placemaking activities for children and residents. By embedding nature in placemaking we hope to contribute to achieving the sustainability challenge of halting biodiversity loss, increasing resilience, addressing inequalities in access to nature and improving aesthetics

The first onsite meeting of the ReCreate project: Mayor Mr Clive Pulis (Isla Local Council), Dr Wendy Jo Mifsud (Dawra Madwarna), Dr Mario Balzan and Ms Maria Elena Bini (Ecostack Innovations)

Through the ReCreate project, Ecostack Innovations shall team up with Senglea Local Council, Dawra Madwarna and the University of Malta to offer practical and technical expertise to these enterprising residents. Through ReCreate we hope to act as a catalyst, proactively rethinking open space, recreating a sense of belonging and reconnecting with nature through community engagement in dense urban settings.

Through the ReCreate project and as a member of the EIT community, Ecostack Innovations is therefore continuing its efforts to bring together communities to address urban and sustainability challenges through multidisciplinary approaches, while creating new business models that generate investment and benefits to local communities and biodiversity.

The project shall feature as one of a series of placemaking initiatives in Malta, at a time when such efforts are crucial to post-pandemic efforts of community building through socio-spatial interventions, while also creating relevant guidance for future work on placemaking in dense urban settings.

Ultimately, the proposed initiatives shall allow the ReCreate team to create a more sustainable, beautiful and inclusive space in line with the principles of the New European Bauhaus.

Join us for our first ReCreate project activity ‘Nduru Dawra mal-Misraħ’ on Wednesday 27th July at Misraħ Andrea Debono, Senglea, during which we will be engaging with residents and participants to transform their public space, and watch this space for more updates on our new project ReCreate.

EIT Community New European Bauhaus ReCreate is supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), a body of the European Union