Ecostack Innovations: Pioneering Environmental Innovation in the Construction Sector

Paola, Malta – July 9th, 2024 - Ecostack Innovations is at the forefront of integrating environmental excellence within the construction and property industry through its innovative consultancy services. The company offers a comprehensive suite of solutions to enhance sustainability in construction projects.

Innovative Environmental Services

These digital solutions enable construction professionals to visualise projects in the planning stages, accurately quantify material needs, and predict waste generation. This enhances efficiency and supports environmental stewardship by ensuring data-driven decisions.

European Projects and Environmental Contributions in Urban Innovation

Ecostack Innovations is actively involved in several key European projects, including GoGreenRoutes, SELINA and MAMBO, focusing on greening cities, monitoring and assessing environmental quality, and supporting policymakers in sustainable development. These initiatives utilise innovative tools to promote green infrastructure and biodiversity, addressing the impact of urban development on health and tackling inequalities. Through these projects, Ecostack Innovations is dedicated to creating greener, more sustainable urban environments and ensuring a positive environmental impact.

Photos from the Ecostack Innovations stand at the MARE Summmit 2024

Engagement and Collaboration

Ecostack Innovations continuously seeks to identify and address environmental and sustainability challenges within the construction industry. By engaging with industry stakeholders, the company demonstrates its proactive approach to driving sustainable construction practices. Advanced tools facilitate seamless collaboration and data sharing, enhancing the ability to develop innovative solutions.

Participation at the MARE Summit

On 23rd and 24th May, Ecostack Innovations showcased its technology-driven environmental consultancy services at the MARE Summit, Malta's premier annual event for the building industry. Held at the Malta Fairs and Conventions Centre in Ta' Qali, the summit brought together professionals from architecture, interior design, and construction. Ecostack Innovations stood out as the sole environmental consultancy present, underscoring its commitment to sustainable development in the construction sector.

Throughout the summit, Ecostack Innovations actively engaged with attendees, sharing insights and exploring innovative solutions to enhance sustainability in construction. The event provided valuable insights into the industry's needs, helping the company tailor its services to better support the sector in adopting more sustainable practices. Ecostack Innovations actively presented some of the ongoing work in the European Union GoGreenRoutes Horizon 2020 project focusing on nature-based solutions and health in cities. 

Ecostack Innovations remains committed to guiding the construction industry towards a greener future, leveraging its expertise in advanced technologies to make a lasting environmental impact.