New technologies for remote biodiversity monitoring

Source: Institut for Ecoscience, Aarhus University

The MAMBO (Modern Approaches to the Monitoring of BiOdiversity) kick-off meeting was held in the city of Aarhus, Denmark, and coordinated by Aarhus University. This project aims to develop, test and implement cutting-edge technology for species and habitat monitoring in the EU. MAMBO is based on involving stakeholders, exchanging knowledge, and integrating new technologies with already-existing research based on information sharing and stakeholder participation. This will contribute to better monitoring programs for species and habitats, and to improve control over protected sites and species.

Ecostack Innovations (Malta) is a partner within the project along with Naturalis Biodiversity Center, Pensoft (Bulgaria), INRIA (France), AU (Denmark), UFZ (Germany), CIRAD (France), and VU (The Netherlands). The partners in this project bring together experts from different areas, including remote sensing, computer science, ecology, social science, among others.

At Ecostack Innovations, we are working on co-developing innovative technologies and solutions to environmental monitoring while working with practitioners within the business and policy sectors to ensure that these are adapted to the needs of our stakeholders. As a partner within the MAMBO project, Ecostack Innovations will contribute to the technology development, as well as hosting a demo site in Malta.

This project receives funding from the EU Horizon Europe Research and Innovation Action Grant agreement No. 101060639.