Ecostack Innovations embarks on a new project focused on the conservation of herpetofauna

Ecostack Innovations is participating in an Erasmus+ funded project alongside the Open University of Cyprus and Friends of the Earth Malta. The HerpTrust project aims to improve biodiversity’s resilience to climate- and human-induced threats by facilitating positive interactions between humans and herpetofauna.

Reptiles and amphibians, collectively referred to as herpetofauna, are globally threatened by a myriad of anthropogenic pressures including climate change, habitat fragmentation and degradation, as well as persecution due to misinformation and unfounded fear of these species. Targeted conservation efforts are therefore required to improve the resilience of populations of herpetofauna.

This project aims to increase public awareness and education about these species through the creation of open-access e-courses aimed at various stakeholder groups, particularly those in regular contact with these animals such as farmers and landowners, as well as policymakers, environmental educators and schools, in both Malta and Cyprus. The accompanying replicability e-package will allow for the tailoring of the lessons to different target groups so that education providers can utilise the resources for the range of audiences concerned and all material will be available in both English and Maltese.

Besides addressing common misconceptions about these species, landowners will also be advised on ways in which they can provide microhabitats that can facilitate the survival of these species. In addition, an online atlas will be established to map sightings of the various species of herpetofauna that inhabit the Maltese Islands. This interactive tool will enable countryside managers to be updated on and contribute to information related to the presence of reptiles and amphibians in their area, providing vital scientific data on their distribution across the archipelago.

This exciting new project was officially launched in January 2024. To find out more and stay up-to-date with our progress, please check out the full project description here.

Improving biodiversity’s resilience to climate-and human-induced threats through nursing positive Human-Herpetofauna Interactions. HerpTrust (2023-1-CY01-KA210-VET-000161577)