Ecostack Innovations Wins Gold Award at Malta Business Awards

Ecostack Innovations has won a gold award at the annual Malta Business Awards in the Green Ambassadors category in a ceremony held at the Mediterranean Conference Center, Valletta. The Malta Business Awards are the largest business event held on a national level and recognise contributions of businesses to wellbeing, innovation, sustainability, smart solutions and strategies while showcasing achievements and success stories.

Dr Mario Balzan, Ecostack Innovations, receiving the Project Green Malta Business Award.  

Our mission at Ecostack Innovations is to support organisations in adopting a nature-positive approach that enriches biodiversity, sequesters carbon, and enhances the resilience of communities and our planet. A key aspect of Ecostack's approach lies in co-creating, developing, and evaluating nature-positive interventions and solutions with stakeholders and communities. This holistic social-ecological approach aims to make communities more resilient to climate change while fostering a greener environment.

The success of Ecostack Innovations is underpinned by robust collaborations with stakeholders from academia, government, and the private sector. Through partnerships with communities and public and private entities, Ecostack Innovations has been promoting green and digital innovation since its inception, becoming an influential player in fostering nature-positive societies and economies as we work with the public and private sectors in Malta, and collaborate with an even wider range of partners in our EU-wide projects.

The receipt of the Project Green Award is a testament to the dedication and evidence-based approach of the entire Ecostack Innovations team and our collaborators towards making urban spaces greener, more beautiful, and accessible while addressing some of the most important challenges identified by communities. As the company continues to experience growth and diversification, at Ecostack Innovations, we envision ourselves as changemakers who actively leverage expertise in stakeholder engagement, environmental monitoring and management, and research and development, to develop innovative and cost-effective solutions while ensuring that all voices are heard in the pursuit of a more sustainable, equitable, and greener future.

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