Ecostack Innovations co-creates pop-up park in Senglea, Malta

The ReCreate project, coordinated by Ecostack Innovations, has led to the establishment of a pop-up park along the Senglea waterfront using upcycled pallet wood.

The pop-up park was visited by Malta’s Minister for the Environment, Energy and Enterprise, Hon. Miriam Dalli, who explained how this initiative demonstrates how different stakeholders can work together for a better environment, and that this model of citizen engagement forms an integral part of the Government's long-term investment in sustainable green open spaces.

Pop-up parks are temporary public spaces, which can also sometimes become a permanent feature of the urban landscape and are often created with the involvement of the local community.

During the development of the pop-up park along the Senglea Waterfront, Ecostack Innovations and the Senglea Local Council have joined forces with Ambjent Malta to use repurposed pallet wood and build planters and outdoor furniture, including tables and benches.

Children and residents were then invited to adorn this new community space with plants, indigenous trees and other sustainable enhancements.

The pop-up park has also recently hosted Malta’s first bioblitz focusing on urban biodiversity, in which guided by the Ecostack Innovations team, participants of all ages have observed and identified plants and pollinators encountered within the locality's open spaces.

During the Minister’s visit, students from St Margaret College Senglea Primary School visited the pop-up park. The children sat on the upcycled benches, taking turns to read passages from their favourite books.

At Ecostack Innovations we are working with local councils to turn grey spaces into green patches that can be used by the community while enjoying the benefits of nature. Interested to learn more? Get in touch with us on info[at]

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