Ecostack Innovations at GoGreenRoutes Final Event and Planetary Health Cluster Launch in Brussels

Brussels, Belgium - July 8th, 2024 – Ecostack Innovations participated in the GoGreenRoutes and Sister Projects Final Event, marking the launch of the Planetary Health Cluster in Brussels.

The conference provided a platform for comprehensive discussions on various topics, including nature-based solutions, inclusion and diversity, digital health, and participatory approaches in urban development. Ecostack Innovations' CEO, Dr Mario Balzan, moderated a panel discussion addressing the challenges and barriers in implementing nature-based solutions in European cities.

The event highlights included a virtual reality showcase, climate boxes exhibition, and a Soundscape walking tour. Attendees engaged with these innovative projects and explored their impacts firsthand.

The GoGreenRoutes project, with Ecostack Innovations as a partner, focused on creating urban well-being labs in six European cities through nature-based solutions aimed at improving citizens' physical and mental health. These interventions included green corridors and pocket parks, enhancing the social and biodiversity potential of public spaces.

The event also marked the launch of several new projects: GoGreenNext, TULIP, Planet4Health, SPRINGS, and MOSAIC. Together, these initiatives form the Planetary Health Cluster, promoting collaboration and knowledge exchange among projects at the intersection of urban planning, nature-based solutions, and human health.

GoGreenRoutes is part of the Health Cluster, which consists of 4 clustered European projects with a global reach. Source:

Featured Projects 

IN-HABIT (Inclusive Health And wellBeing In small and medium-sized ciTies): This project aims to identify visionary and integrated solutions to promote inclusive health and well-being in small and medium-sized cities. It focuses on mobilising undervalued resources such as culture, heritage, food, human-animal bonds, and art and environment, with a particular emphasis on gender, diversity, equity, and inclusion.

euPOLIS: This project aims to improve public health in cities by integrating nature-based solutions into urban planning practices. By incorporating blue (water) and green (plant life) elements, euPOLIS enhances urban open spaces, positively impacting cardiovascular, respiratory, and metabolic health. The methodology includes transparent analytical procedures and extensive citizen participation in urban planning processes.

VARCITIES: In response to the challenges faced by increasingly urbanised cities, VARCITIES focuses on creating human-centred urban futures. This ambitious project places citizens and human communities at the core of its vision, promoting cities that are fully human-centred.

Photos from the GoGreenNext and Sister Projects Final Conference

Looking Forward

GoGreenNext will take a policy-oriented approach to explore the connections between biodiversity, climate, and planetary health. It will establish pilot projects across four European biogeographic regions, implementing nature-based solutions to benefit both people and nature in urban areas lacking green spaces. Ecostack Innovations is leading the Policy Impact Hub of GoGreenNext, aiming to advance sectoral policies through capacity-building activities and workshops for policymakers and non-governmental stakeholders.