Sustainable Tourism in Mediterranean Coastal Areas

Ecostack Innovations is acting as a consultant for the ConsumeLess project, which is co-financed by the Government of Malta and the European Union through the INTERREG-MED Programme.

This project focuses on achieving sustainable tourism in the coastal areas of the Mediterranean, and current work is focusing on the promotion of a ConsumeLess Label and its adoption in four Mediterranean regions in France, Croatia, Montenegro and Cyprus.

Ecostack Innovations has been engaged to develop a clear understanding of the ConsumeLess approach and to support the receiving territories in adopting this model and working with the SMEs and stakeholders.

As part of this engagement, Ecostack Innovations has recently organised a webinar with the partners and the stakeholder community of the ConsumeLess project. During this webinar the engagement and roles of different stakeholders, and the development of a communication strategy to reach tourism operators were discussed.

The Ecostack Innovations consultants team also shared positive experiences of stakeholder engagement for sustainability in the tourism sector, and presented stakeholder engagement processes that can be applied to involve and develop collaborations at local scale. Additionally, the consultants also presented relevant and effective measures that can be implemented in the tourism sector that are expected to mitigate negative environmental impacts.